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What is Your Most Liberating Experience?

     The other day I found myself being asked in class “What was your most liberating experience?” I never got a chance to answer, though people in my class said a lot of good (if not cliché) things like graduating high school, getting a driver's license, or in one case starting kindergarten. I was hesitant to speak up because mine is so weird and so out there, I wasn't sure anyone would understand. My most liberating experience ever was when I played with my band in Rockport, MA over the summer.

Defending Dominic Hall From Zombies

 A PDF of this sensitive below document can also be downloaded at the bottom of this posting via an attachment. (It is recommended to read this document as a PDF for the full effect)


Special Topic: Defending Dominic Hall From Zombies

Philosophy Colloquium: Ralph Wood, “The Homeless Mother with the Torn Hair: Chesterton's Marian Vision of the Nativity.” Thursday 10/28 3:45

Oct 28 2010 3:45 pm


Ralph Wood

Philosophy Colloquium
Prof. Ralph Wood
University Professor of Theology and Literature at Baylor University,

“The Homeless Mother with the Torn Hair: Chesterton's Marian Vision of the Nativity.”



Thursday October 28th

3:45 PM
Dana Center Conference Room

Philosophy Colloquium: Sarena Parekh McGushin "Hannah Arendt on Conscience, Judgment, and Human Rights" Tuesday 9/21 3:45

Sep 21 2010 3:45 pm

Philosophy Colloquium


Serena Parekh McGushin McGushin
University of Connecticut


"Hannah Arendt on Conscience, Judgment, and Human Rights"



Tuesday Septermber 21
Dana Center Conference Room

All are Welcome.

What I think about while at work

The balance of being both introvert and extrovert- the person who could exist, and had to exist, as both- was first found in the politician(insert footnote and explanation here). When the politician ultimately failed in existing as such to shallow behaviour(insert footnote and explanation here), the artist rose where the politican had once stood(insert footnote and explanation here). Now, as the artist is failing to the same shallow behaviour(insert fn), the philosopher and poet are needed more than ever, the dancer and musician are needed more than ever. A musician takes the stripped and embellishes it; a dancer takes the embellished and strips it.


Thoughts always interrupted by customers.

Philosophy TV: Philosophers in debate

Philosophy TV. A new site that presents video of philosophers engaged in debate.


First installment is

Tamar Gendler (left) and Eric Schwitzgebel (right) on implicit associations and belief.

 The upcoming schedule looks great too.



The Hardcore Language Barrier/Divide


The Hardcore Language Divide


      I listen to weird music. I think that there is something good and worthwhile in hardcore music which is also commonly referred to as “screamo.” The point of this commentary is to first, define hardcore as a musical genre, second, talk about the language divide of singing styles and finally to then take our understanding of that divide and talk about why someone would want to scream their song instead of singing it. I also made a huge list of sub-genres with band lists, I highly recommend that if you want to hear more hardcore you start with those. Finding their music is as easy as plugging it into YouTube or googling the band's myspace/purevolume itself.


Ah fun with it

How foolish was I all those days ago to think that I'd miss the world I since have let go.
Really, though. I've said it before, and I'll say it once more- I love my life because I have nothing to look forward to. I have my freedom because I have no path in mind. When one does not pro-ject their being into the future, when one does not re-flect back to the past, they find their life moving rather quickly, their present action showing everything which they have amassed.
I told a boy I met recently this (and the one before him the same thing)- you know me just as well as anyone else in my life does. What you see right here is who I am. Yes, I have been different, and yes, I have stories to tell. Yes, I will be different, and yes, I do have dreams as well. But this is me, the person before you, nothing more could you ever see.

God is Dead by Matt Conley


God Is Dead

by Matt Conley

April 22, 2010


Nietzsche first wrote Gott ist tot in his philosophical work Die fröhliche Wissenschaft, usually translated as The Gay Science or The Joyful Wisdom. When I heard this term mentioned in class, it intrigued me, namely because of its audacity and because I know that such an idea is not to be taken at face value. To the end of understanding this phrase and its implications, I took it upon myself to discover the context of Nietzsche’s bold claim, analyze it, and interpret what it would mean for the world we live in if cultures were to embrace this concise but powerful adage.

To put Nietzsche’s “God is dead” in context, here is its first use of it, Section 108 of The Gay Science entitled New Struggles.

After Buddha was dead people showed his shadow for centuries afterwards in a cave, - an immense frightful shadow. God is dead: but as the human race is constituted, there will perhaps be caves for millenniums yet, in which people will show his shadow. - And we - we have still to overcome his shadow! (Nietzsche 150).


Professor Latona on Socrates Exchange: Is Censorship Ever Acceptable?

Socrates Exchange: Is Censorship Ever Acceptable?

By Laura Knoy on Wednesday, March 31, 2010.

Are there some forms of expression that are simply too crude or too offensive to be allowed to be disseminated? What kinds of things, if any, should be censored? Who should do the censoring?image

Philosophy Club Discussion of Love and Sexuality with Prof. Dale Kuehne

Apr 23 2010 3:30 pm

Philosophy Club Meeting:image
Discussion of the role of Sexuality in Love.
Prof. Dale Kuehne of the Politics Department and author of Sex and the iWorld will be joining us.

Colloquium: Prof. Gert-Jan van der Heiden:"Formation or Appropriation" CANCELLED

Apr 20 2010 3:45 pm

imageThis is Cancelled due to travel problems related to Icelandic Volcanic Ash.


Colloquium: Prof. Gert-Jan van der Heiden
Raboud University Nijmegen
"Formation or Appropriation: Translation in Contemporary Hermeneutics"

Dana Conference Room

Tuesday April 20 3;45PM
All are Welcome.

Discussion at Gordon College on Science and Religious Faith

Apr 10 2010 10:45 am

imageScience and Religious Faith: Are the natural sciences religiously neutral, or is there a specifically Christian “take” on the sciences (e.g., a specifically Christian way of doing science, and a specifically Christian way of interpreting the results).

The Philosophy Department has, for the last several years, had discussions twice a year with students and faculty from Gordon College, a Protestant Christian College in Beverly Mass., on philosophical and theological topics relating to the intersection between Catholicism and Protestantism.

Cars will leave from Bradley House around 9:15 AM.

Recalling Camus Today by Vincent Colapietro ('73)

Recalling Camus Today [2005]
by Vincent Colapietro
(Alumnus 1973)
Liberal Arts Research Professor at Pennsylvania State University

 Albert Camus died on  January 4, 1960 in an automobile accident


You tried to teach us

to live

beyond hope and despair


though this was taken


as a gesture

and even a pose

of despair



Richard L. Bready Lecture: Rev. Dale S. Kuehne, Ph.D. “Looking Backward: Ethics, Economics, and the Common Good in the 21st Century.”

Apr 6 2010 4:00 pm

Richard L. Bready Lecture

delivered by

Rev. Dale S. Kuehne, Ph.D.,

Richard L. Bready Professor, Ethics, Economics and the Common Good.

"Language and Time in Abstraction" by Jared Butler

   “Language and Time in Abstraction”
Jared Butler


"Kubla Khan" and the Creative Genius


Jaclyn Mula

Professor Cronin

Studies in Romantic Literature

November 3, 2009

“Kubla Khan” and the Creative Genius

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