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Existentialism in Byron's "Manfred"


Jaclyn Mula

Romantic Literature

Professor Cronin

November 24, 2009


“The Voice of Traditionalism and the Hidden Power of Truth"


 The purpose of this selection is to map traditionalist philosophical views in the thought of Seyyed Hossein Nasr (b. 1933), with particular attention to the distinction between esoteric, hidden meanings within (batin) and exoteric interpretations (zahir) of revealed texts. This distinction plays a vital role in his metaphysics of religion and in his attempts to resolve the problems posed by modernity.








Preservation Over Prolongation

Freestyle Philosophy, flowing from my mind to this keyboard. With the undergraduate experience coming to a close, and these final few weeks gone, slipping out of my hand before they have even arrived, I've taken the time to let nostalgia and memory come into my mind. The four years I have spent here cannot be described. The richness, the breadth of experience goes beyond the particular events, but resides in a feeling so powerful it holds each moment inside. Layers upon layers of thought, sensation, life and emotion are revealed through each glance back and each breath now spoken. I miss my college years while I am still in them. I know it is time to go, head in another direction. To try and prolong this experience, have control over it myself, would only taint it. There is a value in preserving it, not trying to make it something more myself. I sit and think of how badly I would love to remain here for a lifetime, repeat these years.

Truth, Power, and the Origin of Language in Al-Farabi's Book of Letters

Jaclyn Mula

Senior Seminar: Islamic Philosophy

Professor Staley

Mind Over Major Conference Presentation



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