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Ice Storm 08

Photos of the Saint A's Campus during the Ice Storm of 2008

Ice Storm image









test of flickr

test of flickr

Group Admins

Art - dnolan, Professor Asbury

Film/Theater-  Professor Asbury

Commentary - dnolan, edejulio, Justine Johnson

Community- dnolan, edejulio, Justine Johnson

Literature - kgoll, the real ned brady, Sophie O'Reilly, Matt Hurd, dnolan, Kathleen Masterson

Music - edejulio, Tom Moses

Philosophy - Noelle, edejulio, jared a. butler

Photography - Justine Johnson, Kristin Harper, Nicolette Kafasis

Poetry - Matt Hurd, edejulio, dnolan, Tom Morgan

Advertisement and  Publicity    Matt Hurd

Ice Storm

Ice Storm at St. A's



Photos from Australia trip.

not ee

the dark sky sighed
silent scintillations of stars
cast a net enfolding you in
the universe’s arms
on the night you were
light from nowhere glowed on snow
and there was
in the cold air
brittle with the weight of frozen light that
shone upon your entrance

Spring Thaw

Images of the Piscatoquog River in New Boston during A February Thaw

An old man's voice...

An old man’s voice is poetry. The stanzas are designated by lung capacity and dementia. A march of accepting reluctance. Wrinkles and spots. He speaks with a limp, but a strong limp- falling or crawling again. His breaks are unorthodox- The silence grips your throat- you choke along. There is a woman- no doubt there must have been. Then unexpected- uncomfortable-perfect- the unmasking of a cold volta -birth- age- death.

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  • Juried-2010-3712.jpg - By: dbanach
  • IMG_5544.JPG - By: Kimberly Kersey Asbury
  • 2010-May-4773.jpg - By: dbanach